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What is PPI?

Simply put, PPI is PAYMENT PROTECTION INSURANCE. These special insurance policies are sold to people when they take out a personal loan, open a new credit card, or take on some sort of finance agreement, including a mortgage. The point of this insurance is to cover your payments on the loan or credit card in the event of your not being able to pay them.

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I’m I Paying for PPI?

One of the most worrying factors about the PPI scandal is the issue of hidden PPI. How do you know if you’re paying hundreds of pounds towards a Payment Protection Insurance policy that you didn’t ask for and weren’t told about? And if you do discover that you’ve been paying a fortune for a PPI policy you never wanted, how do you go about cancelling it and getting your money back?

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Was I Mis-sold PPI?

Of the in-excess-of 20 million Payment Protection Insurance policies that have been sold in the UK in recent years, no one can be completely sure how many of them were mis-sold – but given the ever-increasing number of claims that are being settled in the claimants’ favour, we can be sure it was a substantial proportion.

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How Much Can I Reclaim?

If you are successful in reclaiming on mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance, how much can you expect to get back? This is the burning question for everybody who is making a claim against their PPI provider. If the company in question admit that they mis-sold you the policy or if the Financial Ombudsman Service rules against them, you should get back 100% of what you’ve paid.

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How to Reclaim Mis-sold PPI

If you suspect that you have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance, then you have a right to reclaim 100% of the payments you have made to date, either from the company that sold it to you or from the insurance company they were representing at the time. But how easy is it and how likely are you to get your money back?

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Where to Get Help with PPI

The management team at PPI have put together a number of useful resources and websites where you can find help not only on (PPI) Payment Protection Insurance claims but also on other problems related to indebtedness.

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